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Getting better one day at a time

I wanted to take something natural for my blood pressure and I’m so glad I found these. I feel better and my pressure is slowly, but surely coming down.

Ignore the taste

Taste strong, but seems to help me to not be as moody.


I feel the results

I put it in my smoothie and it is strong. I am not fond of the taste but that is alright because I want results.

Blood Cleanse tablets

I ordered these tablets and I’m super happy with the results. Huge improvement on how I feel and my pressure is slowly but surely coming down
Definitely recommend

Sea moss

Product does the job fresh and real seamoss

The best

So far I've been feeling great and will continue to order them again. I also recommend this product to some friends, keep up the great work with these amazing products

These work great I love them

Blood Purifying Capsules (100)

Purifying Capsules


Great product

My blood disease is not showing any signs on my blood test

Irishmoss, Bladderwrack and Burdock Root (100)

Blood Purifying Capsules (100)

Dried Seamoss Gold is GREAT.

Had an oops moment when I first tried making the gel moss and freezing it. Reminder, don’t fill the gel moss to the top of the glass jar. Leave room for expansion.😉 I believe the staff helped me out with another order with a discount price. I appreciate them for that. Great product.

Very good

Gives me energy


Waiting to take a physical

Take for life

These are the capsules to take for life


Hi so far so good! I like it! I just wanna keep using it and see more

Premium Raw Purple Sea moss

Complete Female Uterine Powder Blend

First time

I ordered 2 bottles a month ago, so far so good as far as I feel ok.I want to make sure that I experience rhe full benefit. I should be able to give more feedback later.

Blood Purifying Capsules

The blood purifying capsules worked. I was having some spikes with my blood pressure with the doctors wanting to put me on medication. The highest it went was 145/90 and I had never seen a number like that before my pressure is normally 116/60. I started taking the blood purifying capsules along with juicing and my pressure dropped to 120/65 at my last doctors appointment. I must say they work and they are a part of my daily regiment

It’s a good product I will recommend to anyone who used natural remedies

Blood Purifying Capsules (100)

Very good and effective

The blood cleanse pack has brought so much relief to my mother who was diagnosed with aneurysm .she had descending aorta aneurysm of 5.6 in diameter and it went down to 4.1 .This is very effective and helpful.cant wait to reorder .